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What We Do

We run a number of programs to provide help to the children in less fortunate society. We have a huge network of educators and teachers who help us to implement these programs successfully.

Street outreach

In communities where we work, there are many homeless children. We provide training and resources to these children so that they can live comfortably live in the society. We provide counseling to let them know about the risks that are involved with street life. We arrange social events like picnics, movies, birthday parties, etc. for these children so that they can socially interact, learn and have some good time. We have special educational programs for them. Besides giving them school education, we also teach them survival skills so that they are prepared to face any danger on the street.

Mentoring programs

We offer to mentor in school, after school, and in other centers. Our goal is to improve high school graduation rates and encourage the kids to learn. We work to prevent gang involvement and teen pregnancy. We pair students with volunteer mentors who meet every week. The mentors develop an effective study plan and provide tutoring. We encourage, teach, support and reward the youth in getting the right education.

Career counseling

We offer career counseling to the youth group. We give them advice on what they can do after finishing school. We have a good network, so we even give them opportunities to work for companies or join vocational training courses.

The objective of our education program is to improve the condition of the community so that children will no longer suffer from lack of education. We have lots of donors who help us to continue implementing these programs in the less fortunate communities.