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6th Annual Wild Edible Plant and Gourmet Cooking Class

27-28 April 2013


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6th Annual Wild Edible Plants and Gourmet Cooking Class
27 Apr 2013 - 28 Apr 2013 09:30 AM - 13:00 PM
Abram's Creek Retreat and Campground - Elk Garden
Sponsored Class


This is a two day wild edible plant course held at Abram's Creek Campground in West Virginia.

The first day is a guided walk through different mountain habitats identifying many plants, shrubs and trees. The class covers harvesting basics like when and where to safely collect plants and conservation techniques. We will collect plants for cooking in the next day's class. We will also frequently taste them in the raw state.

There will be some plant preparation after the formal class that goes into the evening for those that are staying for the second day. We traditionally serve Wild Ramp pizza that evening.

The second day will be the Wild Edible Cooking class where we will cook our collected bounty into a tasty meal. All participants will help prep and cook.

Note: WV Potomac Highlands Ramp season should be peaking this weekend.

This class is taught by Rick Hueston from Primitive Cafe and the former MAPS Group Coordinator.

An almost complete list of plants located and identified in 2008 during this workshop (some not edible), complete with photos, can be viewed HERE on Abram's Creek website.



This class is FULL and now CLOSED for registration.

If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A non-Refundable Deposit of $25 to hold your space in the class should be sent to:

RL Hueston - PO Box 26224, Baltimore, Maryland 21210-9998.

Or... use the Paypal link below

Note: The Wild Edible Plants class can be taken separately without the Cooking class the next day (not sure why anyone would do this cause they are MISSING out on the feast). Cooking class requires the first class to attend.


Complete Spring Wild Edible Plant and Cooking Class

Cost: $90

Only the Spring Wild Edible Plant Class taken separately

Cost: $40

1st Day Spring Wild Edible Plant Class: Date / Time: Saturday April 27, 2012, 9:30am - 3:30pm

2nd Day Gourmet Cooking: Date / Time: Sunday April 28, 2012, 9:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Meet at Lodge House Community Bon-fire circle

Space is limited so register early with Primitive Cafe by sending an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Note: There is an inexpensive and separate fee for staying in the Abram's Creek Campground.

Register your campsite early on their website.


Wild Edible Class Options


The Wild Leek,also known as the Ramp, Ramson or common Wild Leek (Allium tricoccum) is our finest wild onion that has a flavor all its own. Broad, smooth, light green leaves, often with deep purple tints on the lower stems begin arriving in small groups when the snow begins to disappear in the early days of Spring. The scallion like bulbs are strongly rooted just beneath the surface of the soil. Tearing a leaf or stem and enjoy the strong and distinctive onion-garlic odor that characterizes one of the finest wild edible plants in the east. Ramps thrives in the Appalachian Mountains and valleys. They have been a featured gourmet food on the Iron Chef and other cooking shows. They are also a notable medicinal with possible anti-cancer properties as well as blood thinning.

... there is nothing quite like Appalachian Ramps. Hmmm!


Gourmet Cooking

West Virginia mountains will be entering into or fully in Ramps (wild leek) season by the end of April. The latter part of the first day class will focus on collecting Ramps and other edible plants for cooking the gourmet wild edible meal the next day. The class will cook and feast together on wild edibles particularly the Ramps in the afternoon of the second day.

Sample Menus from past years

Sample Wild Food Gourmet Menu


  • Dandelion Flower fritters
  • Ramp/mitake mushroom/red bell pepper pot stickers


  • Grilled Ramp Soup with Ox Eye daisy garnish


  • Venison Medallions w/Creamy Ramp Dip
  • Dandelion flower vegi-burger Patties
  • Ramp/yellow dock Pesto bowtie pasta
  • Rock Tripe/preserved Lemon topping

Wild plant side dishes

  • Steamed Wintercress/Dandelion/Garlic Mustard with vinegar
  • Lightly Steamed Trout Lily leaves
  • Japanese Knotweed spears


  • Japanese Knotweed Pie

Sample Abram’s Creek Wild Food Gourmet Menu


  • Fried Dandelion Blossoms
  • Dandelion/Tomato/cheese Bread
  • Ramp/mitake mushroom/red bell pepper pot stickers
  • Hot Lesser Celandine Straws
  • Wild Leek Hummus with Pita Chips


  • Creamed Wild Leek Soup


  • Wild Spring Salad with Creamy Chickweed Dressing


  • Venison Medallions w/Creamy Ramp Dip
  • Dandelion Lasagna
  • Dandelion flower veggie-burger Patties
  • Garlic Mustard Pesto bow-tie pasta

Wild plant side dishes

  • Pokeweed shoots
  • Wild Carrot and Leek Gratin


  • Japanese Knotweed Pie


Abram's Creek Retreat and Campground   -   Website
RR 1 Box 118
Elk Garden
West Virginia
Country: us


Abram's Creek Retreat & Campground is an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly campground developed in harmony with nature. It provides heavily forested tent camping and cozy cabin and tipi rentals, as well as a Lodge House / Hostel along the banks of this small river. Located in Grant County in the mountainous Potomac Highlands region of West Virginia, the Campground officially opened April 1, 2006. The nearly ¾ of a mile of pristine waterfront on the campground property is characterized by massive boulders for sunning and relaxing, as well as cascading waters, waterfalls, rapids and deep pools for swimming and tubing.

The campground includes 40 developed, forested campsites, most river-front or river-view, each with well contained fire pits and benches. There are also 2 cozy Cabins and 2 authentic Tipi's available to rent. Abram's Creek Retreat is a trailer park and large RV free environment although 8 sites on the property can accommodate small RV's and pop-up campers.

Recently, a 22-bed Lodge - Guest House and Hostel was added to the campground facilities. The Lodge House includes accommodations to sleep 22. Large rooms are available for hosting workshops, conferences, or simply entertaining. 4.1 additional acres of land and 500 feet of additional stream front came with the house and were added to the campground map. The Lodge House adjoins Abram's Creek Campground by two short gravel roads and the campground adds another 14.5 acres of land and 2,500 feet of waterfront to the combined properties.

The campground itself is nestled amid large moss covered boulders and a thick hemlock and mountain laurel rich forest at 2350 feet above sea level. The stream-front property offers spectacular stream valley scenery suitable for exploring, hiking and playing in the pristine waters all day. The nearly 20 acres of combined wilderness land are bounded by an outer boundary road and the stream. Downstream hikes will take explorers along miles of deserted, isolated river valley virtually free of any signs of human existence. The ¾ miles of stream front camping is primarily a hemlock forest with massive moss covered boulders to pitch a tent between. 40 campsites and cabin / tipi locations are private and dispersed over 14.5 acres of spectacular landscape. Bathroom facilities are on site (Port-a-Potty's in 2007), with separate men's and women's shower-house with sinks, mirrors, electricity, and of course hot water. Electricity, county water, and limited low intensity street lighting arrived in Fall 2005 along with about 1 mile of graveled roads and numerous parking spaces, at campsites, for about 50 cars.

There is a group / commUNITY bon-fire circle for daytime and evening gatherings / instrument playing / fire performances and cooking out. Fires at tent site fire pits are welcome with free firewood found throughout the property or purchased stacked wood at $5.00 per wheel barrow load.

Abram's Creek ultimately drains into the North Branch of the Potomac River near the town of Kitzmiller, MD (about 8 miles away) where it may be responsible for as much as 30-40% of the total water in the N. Branch of the Potomac (which is more like a big stream at Kitzmiller).


Google Map town of Mt. Storm, WV -- Abram's Creek campground is located just 3 miles east of Mt. Storm on U.S. Rt. 50 and then follow detailed directions below.

Along Rt. 50, between Elk Garden and Mt. Storm, you will come to a concrete bridge that crosses Abram's Creek - labeled waterway (Note the blue reflective campground symbol signs just before the entrance to the campground); turn onto gravel road at the bridge -- you will see a 6'x12' Abram's Creek Campground billboard with yellow background. (If you end up in the town of Mt. Storm, you've gone about 3 miles too far)

Proceed along main gravel road past the small white house and turn left at the 2nd house (Lodge House) for campground self-serve Check-In and Registration, located on the front porch of the Lodge House. Proceed along the main gravel road to get to the campsites and cabins. Campground brochures / maps / and general information are located at the Lodge House Registraton kiosk.

Before or after looking around, Check in / Register and pay fees at the Check-In / Registration Kiosk at the Lodge House. Security confirms payments and registrations nightly.